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About the association

Delftse Studenten Tennis Vereniging Obvius started her nineteenth year and is one of the largest sports associations in Delft. Obvius has over 500 enthusiastic members.

Of course, the most important thing for Obvius is tennis. At this moment, there are two to three days on which training sessions are given by experienced trainers and for tennis players at every level. It is also possible for everyone to participate in competition. This wide range makes Obvius popular: there is a lot of space for beginners bus also very experienced players are in the right spot. This year, two third-class men's teams and a fourth-class mix team are playing on Sunday during the fall competition. At the same time, competition is also played on Saturday by beginners and more experienced players who appreciate the cosiness.

Additionally, multiple tournaments are organised. One of the highlights is the open tournament which has grown to be a very popular event where both students and non-students compete. During the year, we also visit tournaments that other student tennis associations organise. Apart from these tennis activities, a lot of other fun events are organised. Every month we organise drinks and twice per year we organise a large party. In March there is an open party and in June we celebrate the birthday of our association. Also trips to ABN Amro Open, a skiing trip, a trip to the Dutch Student Championship (NSK), and a trip to the Davis Cup are organised regularly. Also, together with other 'green' associations from Delft, Obvius has been organising the 'Groenfeest' over the last few years. If you are interested in which committees there are at Obvius, click here.

To conclude: D.S.T.V. Obvius is more than just a tennis association! Obvius is open to all students and all activities are free of choice. Becoming a member is only €50 per year. If you would like to continue playing tennis during your student time or want to start, Obvius is the place for you!

You can contact us via 'Contact'. Registration goes via 'Become a member'. 


Fea Tromp

Fea Tromp


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