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At Obvius, a lot of events are organised through the year. These events can vary from tournaments to drinks. All of these events are organised by our own members via committees. Every committee is being supervised by someone from the board, the 'QQ'er'.

Here you can find an overview of all the committees at Obvius and per committee the main focus will be explained. Every year, members are asked to fill positions in those committees. Are you interested to participate in one of the committees or do you have any questions? Send an email to

Are you a member? Then log in and have a look at 'My Association' to see who is participating in which committee!

Activity committee (AC) - The AC is responsible for organising fun, (non-)tennis related activities. There are anual activities like the open party, the family tournament, a running diner, closing dinners after competition and the dies, the birthday of the association. All activities can be found in the calendar. You can contact the AC by sending an email to

Advise committee - This committee consists of old board members and gives the current board advise, both wanted and unwanted. You can reach the committee by sending an email to

Bar committee (BarCo) - The bar committee is responsible for opening, managing, and closing of the bar at Cultuurlab. We will have drinks here once a month on thursday and during the competition a few times in the weekend. They also organise theme nights, such as a karaoke or casino night!

Club championship committee (CK) - The CK organises the club championship in March. They do not only organise an internal tennis tournament, but they also organise other activities during that week, for example, a pubquiz or closing night with price ceremony. They can be contacted via

Gala committee (Galaco) - The Gala committee organises the (half)-lustrum Gala, which takes place in November. The Galaco starts before the summer holidays and is responsible for creating an amazing Gala party. There is a theme and in the run-up to the Gala, they host a gala activity and on the evening itself a diner is arranged. The Galaco can be contacted via

Green party committee - The Green party committee consists of one Obvius member and members of the other green associations in Delft. Together they organise the Green party in spring. 

Introduction committee (IC) - The IC is responsible for the activities for new members. In August they are present during parade on Sunday, the information market on Monday and during the sports day on Wednesday during the OWee. After the OWee, they organise the introduction acitivities for new members like the introduction weekend and the introduction tournament. You can reach them via

Yearbook committee - The Yearbook committee is responsible for creating a yearbook. This means that everything that happens this year will be documented in fun stories and pictures in this beautiful green book. They also edit the pictures from activities and choose the best to put on instagram and in the yearbook. The Yearbook committee can be contacted via

Cash committee - The cash committee consists of old board members and checks the accounting of the current board. They are obligated to present this during the general meetings, which are held at least twice per year. The cash committee can be contacted via

Open Tournament committee (OT) - This committee is responsible for organising the open tournament in June. Together with a group of eight Obvii they host a week of tennis and activities for members and non members. Take a look at the OT instagram page for an impresion of last years (@obviusopen). For more information about the tournament, you can also visit this webpage. You can contact the committee by sending an email to

Pre-competition tournament committee (LOBcie) - The LOBcie is responsible for organising the pre-competition tournament in April together with the student tennis associaitons T.C. Ludica from Enschede and STB from Breda. During this weekend the three associations come together in Delft for a tennis tournament and a lot of fun!

Sponsor committee (SpoCo) - The SpoCo is responsible for the acquistiiton within Obvius. They are one of the committees that is more in the background but they are responsible for a solid financial foundation for the association and that is why they are very important! You can contact the committee via

Technical committee (TC) - The TC is responsible for creating groups for the trainingsessions and competitions, and for tennis related activities. The committee creates new groups for the trainingsessions every quarter. They can be reached via

Club weekend committee (VW) - Every year there will be a club weekend. This is a weekend for all Obvii where we will go away and do a lot of fun things! The Club weekend committee can be contacted via

Website committee (WebCie) - The WebCie is responsible for maintaning the website. They will solve problems and implement new features on the website. You can contact them via

Skiing trip committee (CommisSki) - The CommisSki organises the anual skiing trip. During Spring break they will accompany a group of Obvii to go skiing, snowboarding and après-skiing. The CommisSki can be contacted via


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