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Did you just start playing tennis and would you like to get an idea about the rules? Then read the rules on the website of the KNLTB. 


Next to the set rules, there are also some etiquettes. After an official game, the winner of the game will offer his or her opponent a drink. Almost always, the opponent will accept and therefore, you will have some small talk after the game while enjoying a drink. Sometimes there are people who, after the first drink, offer the winner a drink. It could also happen that people refuse the first drink, most of the time this is because people need to get to another appointment on time. 


During competition, there are also some unwritten rules. These rules can differ for each team. Some teams have the rule that you are only allowed to bring a self-baked pie to eat while having coffee and other teams even start the day with a team breakfast. The day starts half an hour before the first game to have a coffee/thee/other drink with the opponent for that day. Together with these drinks, the team which plays at home will provide something sweet to get to know each other a little. After all the games of the day are played, the day will end while having a drink with your opponent. The first round of drinks is always offered by the team which plays at home. The team could also decide to order some extra snacks together with the drinks. Most of the teams will end the day by having dinner together. Having dinner together could also happen with multiple Obvius teams.

The scores from the games can be found on the website of the KNLTB. Log in via with your KNLTB account and select the team in which you are interested. Captains are responsible for entering the scores from that if you play at home and checking if the opponent did it the right way as well. How you enter the scores, will be explained during a captain's meeting before the competition starts. 

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Fea Tromp


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