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Club of 50

The club of 50 consists of members, old members, friends, families and relations of Obvius who, with a donation of €50, support the association financially. These small amounts make a huge difference for the association!

Better facilities and means

The money that enters the association via the club of 50 is spent sustainably in the interest of the association. The money will not be used to lower the price of beers or to lower the price on parties but for example to extra tennisbals and cheaper trainingsessions. Every year the board comes up with a plan on how the money will be spent. 


A donation makes you a member of the club of 50 for one year. As a thank you for the support you will be mentioned on the club of 50 poster. Additionally, all members of the club of 50 will recieve an inventation to participate during the anual family tournament or old members tournament free of charge.

If, due to Covid-19, these events can not be organised in their normal form, members of the club of 50 will recieve a thank you in another way.

Becoming a member?

You can become a member by filling out this form. For any questions you can contact the sponsor committe which can be reached by the following e-mail:


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  • Trainingen Q2 // Training Q2

    in progress until 30 January