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Running Dinner


Dear Obvii,

The running dinner of Obvius will take place on the 7th of December. During this evening you will be served different courses, each course will be at a different house. In each house you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals with fellow Obvii. In order to provide everyone with those courses, chefs and souschefs are needed. Would you like to cook and have a house available to receive guests, sign up as chef! Would you like to help with cooking but your house isn't available, sign up as souschef! As a chef you will prepare the courses together with a souschef, for different groups of Obvii. Besides the meals there will also be the chance to play some drinking games. The activity will start at 18.00 with its theme being Sinterklaas. It will cost 16 euros, this is for the food and drinks provided at the houses. Sign up now with this link:!

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