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Find Your Competition Team Social Drinks


Are you looking for a competition team? Is your team looking for a player to strengthen your team? Or do you fancy a fun activity with your compo team? Come to the 'Find your competition team' afternoon on November 26!🎾
At 4 p.m. we start with tennis matches, followed by a presentation about what exactly a competition entails while enjoying a delicious meal prepared by the KookCie👩‍🍳. And to finish off, you can have a drink and get to know your new teammates better🍻

Do you want to join with the tennis games for free or have diner with us for only €4,50? Sign ups are now open untill the 23th of November via the site.

If you just want to hear something about how the competition works, you can join without enrolling!

Love, TC, KookCie and BarCo