The “Club van 50” consists of members, former members, friends, family and others that support the club with a donation of 50 Euro. Those small donations make a big difference for the club.

The money raised with the Club van 50 is invested in sustainable facilities for the club. The money is not spend on beer and parties, but on for example extra tennis balls, cheaper trainings and interesting clinics. The board yearly decides what happens with the donations.

A membership of the Club van 50 lasts for one years and gives the member the possibility to attend the yearly family tournament or former member tournament for free. You are also offered a place on the Club van 50 poster on the website.

Of course due to COVID-19 the possibility exists that these tournaments wil not be able to continue in it’s current form. When this happens we will thank our members of the Club van 50 in a different way.

If you want to become a member of the Club van 50, please fill in this form!