The enrollment for the second period is opened! You can enroll when you log in. The dates of the trainings can be found in the year calendar.


If you are unable to attend training in one week, sign out via the website. This is possible from Friday 15:00 until 15:00 of the day of your training. You need to sign in before you can unenroll by using the red cross button, which will unenroll you for the next training. It will automatically switch back to ‘present’ for the next training. If you forget to unenroll once, you will receive a warning but there are no further consequences. However, if you do so again, you will be fined €12,50. If it happens for a third time, another fine will be imposed of €17,50. Should it even happen a fourth time, you will be excluded from further training in that period, as well as the next period. This resets for every training period.

Since the second quarter, there are training conditions for the training sessions. They can be found here.


If you aren’t placed in a group, or if you cannot join regularly, it is possible to sign up for the backup list. To do so, send an email to, with your availability on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and your tennis rating/experience.