First drink of the year

Dear Obvii,

The new academic year has begun and so it is time again for studying hard, but also especially for a nice drink and party to forget all study stress. For this reason, we would like to invite you to the first drink of the year: the introduction drink. First, there is a possibility for new members to get to know each other during the introduction dinner, but from 9 p.m. everyone is welcome to socialize with each other to discuss the summer, drink beers and get to know all the members.
It is also an extra special drink because it is a very special year for Obvius, it is the 3rd anniversary! During this drink, the theme will be announced and the year ‘Obvicieel’ will be opened. You don’t want to miss such a unique event.
In addition, the winter sports location will also be announced this evening and registrations will be opened. There are a limited amount of places, so register quick.
Reason enough to come!

Until the 11th at the Sjees!

The Introduction Committee, Lustrum Committee and CommisSki