Corona Update 20th of April

Corona updates

20th of April

The measures against the coronavirus which the cabinet announced on the 12th of March still stand and it’s unclear how long they will last. These measures have a big impact on the annual planning of Obvius. Therefore hereby an update about the current situation.

There will be no more lectures on location by the TU Delft this academic year. At the time of writing, X is also still closed till the 28th of April. It’s not yet sure if these measures will be extended.

The KNLTB has moved the Spring competition to the beginning of May, but it’s still uncertain if this will stay this way. They expect to make a decision after the press conference on the 21st of April. We will keep you updated.

Since the measures have been extended, it has been decided to cancel all Obvius activities until the 31st of May.

We are still looking at what will happen with the activities after the 31st of May. This will depend on the developments surrounding the coronavirus and the decisions and advice of the government, TU Delft and the KNLTB. To keep you updated as good as possible we will post updates in this message. This will ensure that we can send out updates quickly and easily.

We really appreciate your understanding and hope to see you back on the tennis courts soon. Follow the rules and stay safe and healthy!