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Here you will find the frequently asked questions by (potential) new members:

Are there obligations when being a member of D.S.T.V. Obvius?

Apart from paying the yearly membership fee, there are no obligations. 

When and how often per week are you able to participate in trainingsessions? 

If you participate in trainingsessions at Obvius, there is one session per week. The sessions are either Monday or Tuesday night. The sessions will last for one hour and there are sessions every quarter of the academic year. This means that there are about 10 sessions per quarter. 

How much do the trainingsessions cost?

The trainingsessions will cost approximately €18 per quarter. 

Are there any extra costs if I want to participate in the spring or fall competition?

Yes, participating in a competition will cost approximately €12 per competition round.

Do you have to be in possession of a X year membership to play tennis at D.S.T.V. Obvius?

Yes, all members of D.S.T.V. Obvius have to be in possession of a X year membership to make use of the tenniscourts at X.

When is the enrollment deadline for the association?

The enrolment period for 2022-2023 will close September 3rd. 

Are there any try-out activities which I can visit?

Unfortunately, there are none this year. 


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