Beastmode 24th of October

Dear Obvii,

The first Beastmode of the year will be on the 24th of October! On this beautiful evening top player Kevin Boelhouwer will visit to teach us wise lessons about the main theme of this Beastmode: “Tactical playing”. If this sounds like something you would like to join and get a training from the 10th best player of the (…) Read more


Dear Obvii,

On the 16th of October we will go to La Playa, Rijswijk, to enjoy an evening of padeltennis. This crossing between tennis and squash is a fast en innovative activity to participate in. Whether you are familiar with the sport or not at all, join us on the 16th! We will depart from the Grote Markt, Delft, around (…) Read more

The first AC Drinks

Dear Obvii,


On wednesday the 9th of October the new AC organize their first drinks or “borrel”! Come and enjoy a drink and meet the new committeemembers. The theme and destination of the association weekend will also be announced this evening. You don’t want to miss it, so keep the 15th till the 17th of November blocked in your (…) Read more


Dear Obvii!

The new academic year is already a few weeks old, which means it’s time for our first activity of the year. On Wednesday the 25th of september we will go play pool at Pool en Billiards Delft from 20:00. They have 11 pooltables, but there are also some dartboards if you want to mix things up! Ofcourse there (…) Read more

DearObvii, Last night the location was announced for our Winter Sport trip. This year it will go to Avoriaz, France, in the famous Les Portes du Soleil area! We will stay there from January 31 to February 9 in an apartment complex next to the the slopes, so you can roll from your bed to the snow. Together with 44 (…) Read more

Papa John’s

March 4th a new pizza delivery restaurant, called Papa John’s, was opened at Papsouwselaan 1e in Delft (across from the Aldi) Bob Scheepe (22 years old) and his girlfriend Bonny von Oven (19 years old) run this store full of enthusiasm. Most pizzas are delivered, but you can also pick up your pizzas. (See our pick-up deal on our website; (…) Read more

First drink of the year

Dear Obvii,

The new academic year has begun and so it is time again for studying hard, but also especially for a nice drink and party to forget all study stress. For this reason, we would like to invite you to the first drink of the year: the introduction drink. First, there is a possibility for new members to get (…) Read more