Clinic may 2nd

On the 2nd of may a clinic will be given by two fanatic tennisplayers. The clinic will start at 20:00 and is accessible for players of every level. Sign up through this Google Form to inform us that you will be there. The clinic is free and only limited spots are available, so sign up quickly!

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Fellenoord Open Summer Tournament


Dear Obvii,

Like every year Obvius goes with a large enthousiastic group of people to the Open Summer Tournament of our sister association Fellenoord in Eindhoven. From the 7th till the 15th of July Fellenoord will organize their big Open Tournament in the first week of the summer holiday. There will be a camping place where we (…) Read more

King Willy-drink

Dear Obvii,

The hero of our land, King Willy, will celebrate his birthday soon. We don’t want to let this go unnoticed. Therefore we would like to invite all of you to come to the King Willy-drink. There we will also search for a new prince(ss) Pils. So put on your orange clothes and show some Dutch patriotism! We will (…) Read more

New clothing line Obvius

Dear Obvii,

A short time ago the new clothing line of Obvius has been presented! From this moment on the process of fitting/ordering/delivering the new clothing will be started. The ordering list for the new clothing can be found here. The exact prices of the clothing is not known, because of current conversations with sponsoring companies. Therefore, the shown (…) Read more

Internal competition Scala Sports

On thursday the 22nd of march, we announced the new internal competition. It is different to the old internal competitions, as it is set up through the app of Scala Sports. Taking part is free and the appliciation is available for download here. The first round starts on the 16th of april, therefore the registration ends tomorrow, thursday the (…) Read more

Dutch Student Tennis Championships 2018

Dear Obvii,

Like every year Obvius goes with a large group to the Dutch Student Tennis Championships, also called NSK. Every year this event will take place in another city, this year it will be held in Utrecht. The event will take place from the 16th till the 20th of May. Because we would like to travel with a large (…) Read more

Medal ceremony winter championships

Due to the weather the last day of the WK could not be played unfortunately. Because of the busy schedule of the coming weeks, we do not see an opportunity to play the last day of the WK. The champions of the WK will get their medals on the upcoming drink on March 28th! Click here for the Facebook event (…) Read more