Club championships

Have you always been very fanatic and always in the mood to win? Well then, now is the possibility to proof yourself (and play some tennis)! From the 4th up to and including the 11th of march are the Club championships back for 2018, with the theme this year being: Monopoly! So the sole question remains: ”Will you take the (…) Read more

Unit Sport courses Q3

Unit Sport offers tennis training courses in Q3 from February 19 on. Subscribtion for these trainings is open from February 12 at 10 AM, keep an eye on the website of Unit Sport for this. Pay attention for the level you subscribe for, see the corresponding ratings below.

Introduction: 9+ Beginner: 8-9 Intermediate: 7 Advanced 5-6 Advanced plus: 4- SUBScribe (…) Read more

Fitness training subscription open

On 5 tuesday afternoons from 8 to 9:30 PM, we will do fitness trainings on the tennis courts to improve our condition for the new tennis season. So get your competition team or tennis buddies together and prepare for getting tired! The dates are February 13, 20 & 27 and March 13 & 20. Subscribe in your account on the (…) Read more

Update balloon hall: Wednesday 25th of October final!

Dear Obvii,

The beautiful outdoor tennis weather will soon come to an end. Therefore, the sportscenter has a large balloon hall over 4 courts which will help us to play tennis during the cold winter months. The building date of the balloon hall has been shifted finally to Wednesday 25th of October, on which we still very hard need people (…) Read more

New update: Building of balloon hall

Lieve Obvii,

We hebben net van het sportcentrum te horen gekregen dat het plan om vanavond (12 oktober) de ballonhal op te bouwen is ‘afgeblazen’. Een nieuwe datum moet nog gepland worden door het sportcentrum. Meer info volgt!



Dear Obvii,

We just received a message from the sportscenter that the plan of building the balloon hall (…) Read more

Summer Sale!

Summer has finally started and we can imagine that you might be in desperate need of a new shirt to play one of the summer tournaments in the region. Therefor we offer you:

Green shirt (ladies, size S, M, L) Green top (ladies, size S, L) Black top (ladies, L) The famous darkblue polo with green stripe (L, XL)

Shirts (…) Read more